February 25, 2014
The Insidious and Dangerous Myth of "Post-Racial America"

"Post-racial thinking is insidious not only because it gives lie to the very real and continuing material consequences of racism in this country, but also because it seduces young, optimistic, idealistic black youth into identifying with the very systems and people who would kill them without a second thought — and then go order a pizza and a take a nap…

I’m deeply bothered by the fact that she does not seemingly understand the way in which her body was used against her. That she felt compelled as a black woman in the case to come out and insist on all the ways that it wasn’t about race suggests how deeply it is about race. Florida’s justice system pimped Creshuna Miles for her body type and flawed perspective. Her identification with Dunn is the flip side of the same kind of logic that got Trayvon and Jordan killed. She failed to recognize that she was on the jury and appealing to the media precisely because she reads as everything Dunn is not. She might see the justice system as colorblind, but it absolutely would not see her in the same ways. Everyone sees her color. By the same token, Trayvon, Jordan, Rachel and even Marcus Smart all believed they could engage white people who approached them combatively on equal or similar terms.”

June 19, 2012
Oh Really, Now? Zimmerman Jailhouse Revelations

We all knew that the time would come when secrets, lies, and statements would begin to slowly unravel, pouring out of the veil of secrecy, uncertainty, and mystery heading into this case. It seems that in addition to attempting to speak in an indiscernible code with his wife to hide the money that he denied in court to having in his possession, Zimmerman also slipped up a few more times.

I do not appreciate the delays in the true matter of this case, the life of an innocent, unarmed Black teen full of potential who meant the world to his family, as We, the People are supposedly guaranteed “swift justice” in this land…but it is what it is, and trials of this magnitude and with this amount of publicity will undoubtedly take plenty of time for facts and evidence to be completely gathered. (Yes….run-on sentence…it’s late…pardon me.)

Here are just a few more things that Zimmerman inadvertently revealed in his taped jailhouse calls (c’mon, who doesn’t know that all calls and visits are monitored? Give me a break!!! The recording tells you before you are even put through to the receive of the phone call)

  • - George Zimmerman counseled his wife, and his attorney, Mark O’Mara, to purchase bulletproof vests, out of concern for their security;
  • - On an April 15 call, George Zimmerman instructed his wife on how to change the passcodes to his account, so that she could gain access. Prosecutors say he did so in order to facilitate moving money from the PayPal account to Shellie Zimmerman’s credit union account.
  • - Shellie Zimmerman said during one of the calls that the website George Zimmerman created prior to his arrest, “kept crashing” because so many people were logging on to wish him well. Zimmerman expresses happiness at the support, and says those people need to “vocalize themselves more.”
  • - George Zimmerman reveals that he is taking  Adderall, a drug commonly prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

June 12, 2012


“He needs to broaden the message out when talking about immigration, to make it an economic issue as much as it is a question of the rule of law, have a broader message and have a more intense message.”

— Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush • Putting his experience with voters in Florida to good use by giving Mitt Romney some advice on how to handle the state. We know, now more than ever, that Bush will not be anyone’s running mate in this election, but that doesn’t stop him from giving his two cents. He goes on to say: “Great countries should be able to control their borders, plain and simple, and we haven’t done it to the extent that we should, although there has been significant improvement in the last seven, eight years — also because we’ve had a lot fewer people trying to cross the border, because our economy stinks.” source (viafollow)

It’s disgustingly amusing how so much discussion regarding “illegal immigration” and “border control” immediately (and sadly, almost exclusively) turns to our neighbors to the South. Discrimination, racism, prejudice.

June 11, 2012
Florida: Deja vu?

Geez, it seems that these Florida politicians just can’t shake their fear of an actual, honest vote, huh? 

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